Some examples of our Consulting Services to better explain what we do
  • We can prepare the IT Strategy Blueprint and Roadmap of your company - so that there is clarity on what your IT needs to deliver to become an enabler of your business growth.
  • If you are looking for an IT Application - and do not know which one to go for as all vendors claim that their IT Application is the besst - we can help you do an evaluation of the IT Applications to select the right one for your company. We will also help you with the commercial and contractual negotiations with the selected vendor as we have years of experience with IT contracts.
  • We can help you with the Business Process Reengineering (BPR) of your business processes and prepare the "to-be" process workflows - so that your company can improve its operational efficiency and reduce costs.
  • If one of your projects is not going well, we can do an assessment of your project to identify the gaps and the solutions that need to be implemented to bring it back on track.
  • If you have an IT Application that your Business Users are not using - and your team is unable to pinpoint the reasons for not using the IT Application, we can do the Deployment Assessment. As part of the Deployment Assessment, wewill identify the gaps and determine what needs to be done for your Business Users to effectively use the IT Application.
And some examples of our Execution Management Services

Like we said earlier, we go a step further and focus on Execution Management to ensure successful implementation of IT projects end-to-end across your organization so that the benefits of our Consulting Services get derived to you.

When it comes to successful execution of IT projects, we have seen from our experience that there is usually an understanding gap between the Business End Users and IT. Neither understands each other's domain. The Business End Users are expected to perform tasks that they have little experience on - tasks, such as preparing the business requirements document, or evaluating IT applications, or preparing user acceptance test plans, or doing the user acceptance test. They are also usually busy in their day-to-day tasks and therefore are not able to devote quality time to the IT projects. IT, in turn, usually does not understand the business. This gap can be bridged with the help of Techno-functional Business Analysts who are more 'functional' than 'techno'.

Here are some examples of Execution Management services to better explain what we can do for you.

  • Our team of Techno-functional Business Analysts can help you with the implementation of your IT projects. They will act as Business User representativesand assist them for all tasks that are typically required in an IT project. These tasks could be
    1. Business Requirement Document (BRD) preparation
    2. Configuration of the IT Application
    3. SOP Document preparation
    4. User Training
    5. User Acceptance Test plans and coordination
    6. Post Implementation Support, etc.
  • We can help you implement the IT Strategy Blueprint in your company.
  • We can help you implement the BPR to-be business processes in your company.
  • We can do the Project Management to implement and deploy an IT application in your company.
And What We Do Not Do

We are also clear on what we do not do. We do not sell hardware – we do not sell software – we do not do application software development – we do not provide telecom and data center infrastructure – we are not a recruitment agency!

  • While we do not sell hardware or software, our team can help evaluate and recommend the hardware/software for you based upon your business needs and even help you with the commercial negotiations with the vendors.
  • While we do not do application software development, we can evaluate and recommend third party resources best for your needs – and even help you negotiate turnkey or T&M contracts. Moreover, we will manage your projects for successful implementation using these software development resources.
  • While we do not provide telecom and data center infrastructure, we will evaluate your infrastructure and give a recommendation based upon your business model and your existing assets. We will help define the service level agreements (SLAs) with your vendors for effective operations.
We are a Product Neutral Company

One important thing. We are a product & vendor neutral firm – that is, we do not sell any software or hardware nor provide bespoke software development services. This allows us to have your best interest in mind without any conflict of interest.